We will save as much, if not more money, for your client than when you go it alone. That means more money for your client AND more money in your pocket. Our team of legal professionals handles liens all day, every day. We know the most efficient and effective ways to negotiate liens, leveraging our knowledge and economies of scale to maximize results.
Valuable time that you currently spend resolving liens can instead be used to bring in new cases and work on client advocacy, which means more revenue for your practice. Why devote your firm's precious time, energy, and resources fighting through bureaucratic processes when you have Providio's experienced attorneys and paralegals at your disposal?
You don't have to pay for our services. The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and most states' ethical guidelines allow you to pass on the cost of outsourced lien resolution services as a reimbursable case expense as long as you disclose it to your clients. This is because your clients receive a net benefit from our aggressive negotiation of their liens. (Contact us for state-specific rules).
If you and your client don't get money, we don't make money. Providio doesn't charge anything on a case unless your client recovers money. And we won't send a bill until your client's case has settled and we've resolved the lien to completion.
Our fees are contingent and capped – we're incentivized to negotiate aggressively. For single event liens, we charge 10% of the savings we achieve on a lien, subject to a maximum of $1800* and a minimum of $550. Each additional lien for your client is a flat $450. *For “jumbo” liens over $180,000, our maximum fee is 1% of the asserted lien.

Types of Liens We Resolve: Health insurance liens (Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, ERISA, TRICARE, private insurers, etc.) and provider liens/bills (hospitals, doctors, etc.)