Outsourcing lien resolution to Providio is a good decision. Even after both parties have reached a settlement, the timely, effective resolution of insurance and provider liens can be the difference between a successful outcome or an irate client.

At Providio, we often resolve liens — whether they are mass tort or single event cases — faster and with greater reductions than those who simply deal in settlement or litigation alone. Our focus, backed by decades of experience, enables us to provide superior, timely results with Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, ERISA, government plans (e.g., TRICARE, VA, and Indian Health Affairs), and private insurance coverage.

Some clients may ask: “Why should we outsource our single-event lien resolution?” To put it simply, a team that focuses on nothing but negotiating liens will typically produce better, faster results. With that in mind, the top five reasons to outsource single-event liens are:

  • Results: Dedicated lien-resolution specialists will often obtain better results.
  • Rules: Rules of Professional Conduct allow lien specialist fees as a case expense.
  • Resources: Outsourcing allows clients to focus their own resources in other areas.
  • Rates: Our contingency-based standard pricing means we're paid to perform.
  • Return: The cost of outsourcing provides excellent benefit to parties involved.

Mass tort projects can be a challenge. Growing complexity surrounding lien resolution — including Medicare Advantage, group modeling with CMS, and PLRP vs. non-PLRP debates — means that choosing an advocate who settles matters and gets clients paid quickly is more important than ever. Our lien resolution expertise gives us an unparalleled ability to serve our clients:

  • Communication: Fair expectations up front mean you always know what should happen.
  • Transparency: We consistently deliver a clear, up-to-date view of exactly how a case evolves.
  • Reliability: We work proactively and carefully to get things done effectively and on-time.
  • Responsiveness: Whenever you have questions, you can rely on a timely, thorough response.
  • Satisfaction: Our network stands on referrals and recommendations of happy, loyal clients.

Our staff possesses over 70 combined years of lien resolution and subrogation experience. We have provided resolution services for such projects as Pradaxa, Stryker Rejuvenate, numerous TVM inventories with various manufacturers, Wright Hip, Granuflo, Tylenol, Avandia, Yaz, HRT, Kugel Mesh, Skechers Toning Shoes, Asbestos/silica, denture cream, oil-rig hearing loss, and more. Our experience includes strong working knowledge of Medicare group modeling and multiple private lien-resolution programs.

Thomas V. Girardi, Esq. | Partner, Girardi Keese I waited to settle my Avandia inventory of over 4,500 claimants for a number of strategic reasons. That turned out to be a good decision especially as it related to lien resolution. In the early days when I saw how the first settlements were evolving I decided I wanted to pick a fresh, different lien administrator and was intrigued by Providio. After working with them closely on Avandia, I really respect their team and how they do business. I especially appreciate how proactive Providio is – always right there with the data and information my firm needs. They have been with us throughout the Avandia post-settlement process and have been great players helping us keep the ball moving forward. I've been doing this a long time and I think they are top notch.
Robert K. Jenner, Esq. | Partner, Janet Jenner & Suggs, LLC We used Providio for lien resolution in connection with our settlement of over 400 Skechers Toning Shoe cases. Our experience in that project was so positive that we are actively using Providio in other settlement projects as well as recommending them to other firms. In Skechers, Providio worked efficiently to clear all Medicare, Medicaid, other government and private liens. Their frequent communication helped us easily track the status of our clients’ liens in order to get them to disbursement as quickly as possible. We were able to get any questions we had answered in a timely manner, and Providio’s focus on transparency gave us confidence and comfort in their operation throughout. Beyond the normal lien resolution services, Providio also assisted us in negotiating provisions in the claimant releases regarding Medicare Secondary Payer compliance for future medicals. They had an excellent rapport with opposing counsel and helped our settlement move forward.
Bryan Blevins, Esq. | Partner, Provost Umphrey Providio has been a great partner in the lien resolution work they've done for us. Recently, they have assisted us on a number of matters including HRT breast cancer claims and Silica victims. We have used Providio for group modeling, special projects and one by one lien handling for both Medicare and Private liens. They provide great value to our clients while lifting the load off our staff. We continue to expand our relationship with Providio and look forward to being the beneficiary of their excellent work for many years to come.
Michael Goetz, Esq. | Partner, Morgan & Morgan We have used Providio for a number of mass tort projects and have been extremely happy. We were particularly pleased with the lien resolution and QSF administration work performed for us in Yaz. The professionals we worked with at Providio were very communicative and helped us gauge the lien resolution progress at all times, which was vital in managing client expectations. Providio also dealt with tricky private lien situations in a more solutions-oriented approach as compared to other lien resolution administrators. On the QSF side, the distribution process was excellent. Providio was very thorough in its quality control and accounting, and couldn't have been more responsive to our requests (including taking our calls and processing distribution requests after hours and on weekends).