Providio’s team of attorneys, paralegals, nurses, life care planners, and administrators have decades of experience respectively in their professions and leverage their knowledge and expertise for a wide range of Mass Tort and QSF projects including: Pradaxa, Stryker Rejuvenate, numerous TVM inventories with various manufacturers, Wright Hip, Granuflo, Tylenol, Avandia, Yaz, HRT, Kugel Mesh, Skechers Toning Shoes, Asbestos/silica, NHL Concussion, denture cream, oil-rig hearing loss, and more. Our experience includes strong working knowledge of Medicare group modeling and multiple private lien-resolution programs.

On the lien resolution front we excel at complex issues including Medicare group modeling and whether/how to establish and utilize private lien resolution programs. On the Medicare Set Aside/MSP Compliance front, our team is at the forefront of monitoring changes in the law and administrative policy, and teaching others in the industry. Meanwhile, our QSF administration services are consistently lauded as being among the most user-friendly, efficient, and systematic.

Providio's experience extends across four service offerings:

Lien Resolution

Medicare Set-Asides

QSF Administration

MSP Compliance