Perfected the quality of service for negotiation and compliance.

Decades of experience managing mass tort and single event cases.

Strengthen your practice and gain time while saving money.

4 top reasons to use Providio:

Providio knows our clients don't want to babysit their lien resolution administrator, MSA provider, or QSF administrator. That's why we are proactive; focusing our expertise to deliver clear, concise, and timely communications. We take care to understand our client’s culture — and tailor communications to their needs and expectations.

Providio staffs every client matter with the appropriate number of senior professionals and relevant technology to be as efficient as possible. This makes client communication clear and easy; enabling us to deliver robust, VIP-level service. The assigned team takes the time to understand the client’s needs and tailor our delivery to fit.

Providio provides a clear understanding of the service plan, including how it meets a client's expressed needs. Our fair expectations and thorough communications include appropriate reports and metrics. We immediately address evolving challenges or emerging concerns that could affect timing or outcome to mitigate potential effects.

Providio is very proud of our performance capability. For us, it stands as a clear differentiator — reinforcing our promise to deliver both on-time and on-terms. With this in mind, we fully embrace the concept of the service level agreement to both set clear client expectations and define objective, measurable metrics for our performance.

Depth of experience

Not the first, but second to none for healthcare lien resolution and compliance.

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